UpLand Adaptive Fitover

Adaptive fitover frame, adjusting to various light conditions.  Meant for any patient with any form of macular disease, including macular degeneration.  Frames fit over most ophthalmic frames to allow for a comfortable fit.  One size.  Front surface anti-reflective coating, back surface anti-fog.


UpLand Adaptive Fitovers were designed and created by a low vision certified optometrist for patients who suffer from all forms of macular damage including macular dystrophies and degeneration.  Patients with macular disorders are more sensitive to high energy and high intensity light, therefore UpLand Adaptive Fitovers regulate the light to which a patient’s eyes are exposed to maintain light that will optimize a patient’s vision in most lighting situations.  UpLand Adaptive Fitovers offer further protection in a patient’s eyes with a front surface antireflective coating and back surface antifog on impact resistant polycarbonate lenses.  UpLand Adaptive Fitovers are perfect for patients suffering from macular degeneration who are looking to maximize and protect their sight.


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